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Finding a good nail salon to rejuvenate and pamper your nails and body is a true sign of self love. At L A Nails & Spa, our goal is to make clients feel comfortable and be taken care of by the most talented technicians in the industry. We guarantee that your visit will be most pleasurable.

We offer many services to pamper you from head to toe and leave you feeling brand new. Sanitation is always our first priority here to ensure the health and safety of you as well as ourselves. All instruments and stations are cleaned, sanitized and disinfected according to the Massachusetts state board regulations after every client.

Call us at 508-279-3221 with any questions or to make an appointment.

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Melissa L.

I went here for the first time and all I can say is wow!! Natalie did such an incredible job on my nails that this will probably be my new go-to salon. I got acrylic nails and it did take about an hour and a half (which is slightly longer than it usually takes me at other salons) but she was SO thorough that I can't complain. My nails came out flawless and I loved the lotion hand massage.I did make an appointment and I'm glad I did since I saw a few people walk in after me who had to wait a bit to be seen.


Jaylene P.

My friend got her nails done, an hour later she noticed the polish was messed up. We go back in there and they charged her again.


Sarah J.

This isn't the best or worse place I have stopped to get a gel manicure. It was 5pm and they took me right away with out an appointment. The guy doing my manicure didn't speak English so the other women had to translate. Not a big deal. But he seems confused by me wanting my nails round and to be honest they aren't even or all that round. Also they don't do the cuticle gel before going at the cuticles with cutters. Again not a big deal but not what I'm used to. It all ended with an attempt at a hand message with lotion but really it wasn't enjoyable. I don't think I will visit again.


O K.

DO NOT COME HERE I came here because my favorite nail salon, Luminous Nails, was closed for holiday. I came to LA Nails for a dip manicure. There was no wait but the manicure took more than 1.5 hours. Almost the whole manicure was painful and I had to rip my hand away several times because it hurt so badly which annoyed the man doing my nails?? A manicure should NEVER hurt. There was no opportunity for me to wash my hands. There was no lotion or massage. The tools were not sanitized which was especially scary because they made me BLEED on three different fingers. My nails look thick and unnatural. I am extremely disappointed and frustrated. I will never come here again.


Gianna R.

The lady who did my pedicure was awesome but i got dip so another lady did my nails they are all messed up they look horrible never going back there they used to be awesome the place went down hill big time


Ashley S.

Absolutely awful. Firstly, They greeted me quickly and robotically so there was no sense of being happy that they had customers. I totally understand that you only have two employees on a Wednesday afternoon, but you should tell your customers what the wait time is going to be or just say that you are too busy. After me, 4 others came in and all left after i told them I've been waiting for 45 minutes.  Why is it my responsibility to tell your customers the wait time!? I would have left too if i didn't break two nails in the morning and had a presentation the next day... this was a more dire situation since this isn't my normal nail salon. When they finally did take me, it was just downright awful. No care in working with another persons hands and you can just tell they wanted to get me out the door. I'll be shocked if my manicure lasts 3 days. They are just completely ignorant of other people's times and this place isn't even that nice! I think the only reason it's still open is because of the college students in town that don't have any other options. But if you have time to go literally anywhere else, do so- you will avoid major shade and disappointment from this establishment.


Amy N.

Really friendly staff and they care about their customers. The place is clean and I love the color coordination of the salon. They have a tower of nail polish, which I thought was quite unique with so many colors to choose from. The owner lady was very sweet : her laughter and her smile brightened my day up. They have a logo or phrase on their wall, "Pampering is our business" : I feel really pampered and relaxed there. I enjoyed my experience and I will definitely go again.


Isabella R.

I go here to get my eyebrows done and won't go anywhere else, call and ask for Natalie she is the best!!


Mariam E.

Awful experience. This is the first time I write a review because I don't want anybody going through the same experience. I went for a Brazilian waxing this week. The lady was friendly, but the job she did was not only bad, it was DANGEROUS.She didn't know how to do it, it hurt a lot. I'm actually pretty good at handling the pain, but she just didn't know how to do it. When I came back home, I realized that she damaged the skin. I had to go to a medical center to make sure that it wasn't very bad. So moral point, it could have been way worse because she waxed some parts where hair doesn't even grow on. I would NOT recommend this place for waxing..but for nails, it seems ok.


Lindsay S.

so I went to get my nails done with a friend.  The lady  was doing my nails, I paid, and then she painted them.  She got a sparkle on my pinkie nail and I mentioned it.  She didn't seem to care when I mentioned it so she went to my other pinkie, put a random spot of silver, said "now it's even" and told me to sit in the drying chair.  very disappointed


Mary M.

Great color selection for gel nails. I got an unusual gold/bronze color which looked really nice. They had family feud playing on the tv so that was kind of nice to have something to keep everyone entertained while getting their nails done. My nail tech didn't ask if I wanted them cut down so they were longer than I wanted. I think he skipped a couple steps like no cuticle cream or lotion to keep my hands moisturized. But overall I was happy with the results.


Tiffany O.

First let me say I decided to take a chance with them because I really needed a fill and the last place I went to completely messed up my nails all my nails were falling off in just a week in a half and I had bandaids holding them on so because my hair was snagging them. Anyway they received me 10 minutes before they were going to close. I saw Lee and not only was she very nice she did an excellent job. I had pink and white nails she managed to fix what the other people did without removing the entire nail (just a lot of filing) and she went over it with new acrylic it was like it was brand new.it took her close to an hour to do but when she was finished I was very pleased with the results I actually have never been so happy with my nails.  Needless to say I will be going back again to see Lee next time.


Elyse M.

Terrible. Rude. Atmosphere is not relaxing. The woman made me wait and when she returned to do my pedicure she said "sorry for the wait I had to clean my teeth" .... what? Pedicure was rushed and very rough. She gave me dirty looks when I jerked my foot back because she was hurting me. Most people go get pedicures for the massage... there was no massage. I'll never go back there.


Elizabeth S.

My first and last time at this location was a terrible experience. My friend and I booked appointments for pedicures together (doesn't that usually mean you get them...you know...together?) and mine was finished at the point when hers had barely started despite the fact that it wasn't busy. The woman who did mine was rude, she hardly said a word and instead chose to push and pull my feet in and out of the water as needed as if I did something to ruin her day by requesting a pedicure. Horrible attitude in there. Never again.


Popcorn K.

First time coming here and I got stuck with a woman with a bad attitude. I was sitting in the chair ready to get my acrylic full set when she sits down already talking on the phone. In between her phone conversation she asks me what I wanted done. No, "hello how are you"? and just starts my nails without talking to me and still on the phone. With this having been my first time here and first time getting acrylics, I wish I had went somewhere where they spoke english or could understand more of it. As I was looking around, all the other workers seemed happy except the one I was with. We ran into a problem when I had to keep asking her to cut them because I thought the nails were too long and she ended up making them different lengths altogether. When I had called her out and said that they were uneven, she completely flipped, told me there was nothing she could do, started sighing heavily and it was obvious that she was upset. I'M the paying customer, I still have to pay for these nails even if they're messed up. But she kept telling me she couldn't even them out when a different worker had to come in and ask me what was wrong and proceeded to talk to her. Overall, just bad experience. Horrible. Nails are still uneven and chunky,  she drilled my nails too hard so they ache and she tried to go too fast and ended up ruining this experience.  I would give no stars if I could just because of bad service.


L M.

This place is horrible. My nails are never the same length when I leave. They do not honor appointments. Done giving them chances. The worst is the guy that sits at the second table in.


Andrea W.

Have been sitting for over 45 minutes. Called ahead and was told I couldn't make an appointment. 8 people who came in after me have already been helped, 4 of them had appointments. This place used to be awesome. What a shame. Left before getting my nails done.


Lisa R.

Ive been at least 10x, Very friendly staff. But with that said, no matter what time you make an appointment you always wait 10-20min after that time. Usually get gel manicure and eyebrow wax. Prices are the cheapest in town. Pedicure is dull and worth paying a bit more elsewhere.


Joanne J.

I would give this place zero stars, but that is not an option.  Went there with a relative after reading the reviews. We spent 35 minutes there without once being acknowledged. I didn't think anything of it until the people who arrived 15 minutes after us received an entirely different reception. I suppose the one star can go towards the cleanliness of the establishment. Otherwise, it was terrible customer service. We walked out.


Eryn D.

Although I waited about 10 minutes to be serviced it was worth the wait. My tech's name was Hannah and was very good, fast and left me very happy with my nails. I had high hopes for this salon and it paid off. Price was right as well.

About L A Nails & Spa! and ReviewsAbout L A Nails & Spa! and ReviewsAbout L A Nails & Spa! and Reviews
About L A Nails & Spa! and Reviews
About L A Nails & Spa! and ReviewsAbout L A Nails & Spa! and ReviewsAbout L A Nails & Spa! and ReviewsAbout L A Nails & Spa! and Reviews
About L A Nails & Spa! and Reviews