How to clean our "Jewels"

Hello girls!
It has never happened to you that you have a beautiful ring but that with the passage of time it becomes dull and ugly. Well today I bring you some tricks for girls , so that we have our jewelry very clean without spending money.
 clean jewels
To clean our jewelry we have to distinguish between jewelery, silver and gold, which are the most used by all:
- If they are made of costume jewelry , it is better to give them a layer of transparent enamel or top coat so that your finger or green ears do not remain, and it also helps to survive mastiempo.
If it has already rusted and we have not done the previous trick, another option is to clean it with baking.
We take a dampened cloth, we put a little baking and rub on the jewelery. After cleaning with a dry and clean.
If the opposite has not rusted but has lost the brightness, you just have to do the same as when you get off the make-up. You put make-up remover on cotton undiscovered and rubbed. After drying and ready, it will shine again.
- If they are silver it is as easy as taking an old toothbrush and rubbing the jewel with toothpaste or bicarbonate both products do the same as with the jewelery and you will see how much better they are:, then rinse and ready.
Remember to close the drain of the sink or you can say goodbye to them forever. And in the event that it's too late and you've gone down the drain (you can not tell I'm telling you because I've been over) there will be the thread that you'll find behind the sink, sink ... which is probably there waiting for you.
- If they are from gold we take a small container with hot water, pour a little mild detergent and let it work for 15 minutes. Then with the toothbrush or similar rub and ready we have it.
Another home remedy to clean our gold jewelry, is to put in a bowl a little dishwashing liquid and a few drops of ammonia. We rub them gently and wash with a
What do you think of these trick-tips to clean the jewelry ?