How to eliminate and prevent acne/pimples

Hello women and men!
We often get the unwanted pimples but how to prevent and eliminate acne ? Today I bring you the solution, because I was a girl who always had the face with pimples, but thanks to some beauty tricks for the face I already have almost perfect skin.

T basic beauty rulings to eliminate acne:

- Something very basic but what works best is to wash your face 2 or 3 times a day with soap, if you do not do the dirt accumulates on your face and leads to more pimples and blackheads.
- Not touching your face with dirty hands is the best beauty trick you can follow so you do not get grain. In addition, if we are going to apply some cream remember that first we have to wash our hands or we can also apply the cream with a spatula, some creams and bring it.
- Try that the hair is not much for the face, and especially if you have oily hair pick up your fringe or otherwise the hair grease will also end up on your face and the more fat, the more acne will go go out.
- Do not squeeze the beads , this is sometimes an impossible mission but be careful not to infect at least before doing it (remember that I recommend you do not do it) wash your hands.
- Exfoliate the skin from time to time when, at least once a week and use specific creams for this purpose, they cost a little more expensive but it is worth it.
- And of course something very important is to remove make-up ALWAYS, if you do not do it also accumulates dirt and it's not that you only get pimples if not that your skin will also look more subdued and aged.

- If you do not want to spend money you can follow these Home remedies to remove the pimples.

- Apply aloe gel You will see the face, if you have the pot take it out directly from the leaves, if you can not buy it but make sure it is 100% natural, many times the brands are used and with aloe vera natural we already believe which is 100% and it is not like that.

- Follow a balanced diet, and do not abuse junk food like pizzas, chips or hamburgers.

- Drink lots of water, You have already heard it a thousand times that it is advisable to drink 2 liters of water a day.

Following all these beauty tricks for the face and those of the home remedies the acne you disappear á, but you should keep in mind that it is a very slow process that can take more than two months.

¿Seguís these beauty tips to eliminate acne ?