How to save on the electricity bill

Hello girls!
Today I bring you some tips to save on the electricity bill , which we already know that with the price it has seems like gold.
save on the electricity bill
To save on the electricity bill we have to:
- Use energy saving light bulbs. Some of these bulbs at first light little but after a few minutes will start to give a lot of light.
- Put the washing machine fully filled and with cold water, also if you put it at night You pay less on the electricity bill.
- Do not leave the lights on when you do not need them.

- Turn off the PC, and if you have a laptop, use the battery , reload it and use the battery again. It's one hour or so you save yourself consuming.

- Use fluorescent tubes when you can for example in the kitchen.
- Use the microwave or the pressure cooker instead of the oven as this consumes 70% more.
- If you put the heating closes well all the doors and windows, so that the cold does not come in.
- You must keep the oven away from the refrigerator as the heat given off by the oven causes the refrigerator to have to spend more energy.
- Use light colors on the walls, to give more clarity and have to turn on less light.
- If you only have to wash 4 dishes use the sink instead of the dishwasher, you will spend less water, and you will not waste any light.
What do you think of these tricks to save on the electricity bill ? Kisses