Ladival reviews

Hello Beauty !!
Today I want to give you my opinion about the Ladival brand sun cream , I already speak to you of her when I show her her solar protection with which I had a great time this summer and do not burn me a bit even though my skin makes the competition to the snow. (In white)
skin with ladival

My opinion about Ladival products:

 opinion ladival

- Lip balm with strawberry flavor , ideal for children smells great. It is suitable for both the cold and the sun and is water resistant. I love to wear it because with that taste it is impossible to resist, in addition the lips are very hydrated.

-Stick labial, is a photoprotector formulated for the correct photoprotection of the mucosa of the lips, providing a MEDIUM protection (SPF 25) Its intensely moisturizing formula prevents dehydration and dryness preventing the appearance of cracks, bleeding and discomfort.
The balanced photoprotection of Ladival stick labial helps to prevent the weakening of the immune system of the skin due to UVA rays and helps in the prevention of cold sores. Ladival stick has a very high resistance to water. It does not smell as good as that of a child but it remains very hydrated and protected. This protector works for both adults and children.
ladial lip protector
- Ladival Alpin: The combination of Ladival Alpin, is the perfect combination to ensure deep protection in the mountains. This format helps to apply the photoprotection as many times as necessary for its lightweight and cord-wrapped container, which allows it to be always at hand.You just have to put in the ladival search engine and they will appear.

What do you think of the Ladival ? Kisses