My purchase in Rosegal and opinion ... rather bad

Good morning princesses! (You can tell I love the movie Life is Beautiful)
Today I'm going to show you and I'll give you my opinion about my low purchase cost to Rosegal , is a Chinese website where we can find clothes of all kinds, pendants, watches, bags ... everything to be cute! and also at bargain prices.

Shopping in Rosegal:

The first object of my low cost purchase to Rosegal It was this triangular and square pendant , to me it seems beautiful and it is very wearable. The quality is not the best in the world, but to me in costume jewelery the quality does not matter much to me the truth, I prefer to have a lot and malillos, a few and that are good.
Also, as I usually use it in summer for the pool, if I get lost, I do not take it too badly.
The opposite happens with clothes, because I want at least a decent quality. The price is 2.50 $.
triangular and square rosegal pendant
 rosegal pendant

- Red rosegal Paris watch was a love at first sight, you know that I like all the things that the tower of Par ís, and with this could not be less.What do you think of my low cost purchase ? Besitos

Edito: Several people have told me that they have placed an order and it has not arrived so I wanted to tell you that afterwards I have made other orders and I have also had problems. DO NOT PURCHASE FROM ROSEGAL.

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