My purposes for the year 2014

Hello Beauty!
Since last year I did not fulfill my purposes as you can see here Propositos fulfilled and not fulfilled 2013 I return this year to have if I do some haha.

Do you encourage yourselves also have to write them?

purpose to start the year
one. One of my purposes for this year is to exercise at least 3 times a week including the summer that when it arrives I get a kennel that I am unable to move a finger !!
2. Do SEO course .
3. Take course community manager
4. Take Personal Shopper
5. Find work of mine, this I put it because it's like a myth haha.
6. Reach 1 million hits on the blog , if I know it's crazy because right now it's around 175,000 but for something I'm doing SEO, is not it? haha, although with half I am also satisfied.
7. Eat medium well.
8. Start up the project that I have in mind.
9. Do more outfit than lately I have abandoned them.
10. Learn languages ​​
11. Read at least 14 books
12. I do not put any more because then I do not meet them!
What do you think of my New Year's resolutions ? Kisses