Tips to lose weight

Hello girls!
With the arrival of the new year many of us are the ones who propose to lose weight or start going to the gym after Christmas. That's why today I leave you some tricks to lose weight after having put the boots on these dates.

Weight Loss Tips :

1. Drink water throughout the day, about 2 liters a day. Fill a bottle of water and drink from it on your own, to control the amount you get to drink.
2. Eat slowly and chew well, so you'll feel satisfied before and eat less. So in the long run you'll notice it in a few kilos less with this simple trick.
3. Before drinking take a glass of water, this will make you feel fuller.
4. Reduce calories, you can use the application My fitness pal to know the calories you eat throughout the day.
5. Make at least 3 meals a day, but if they are 5 much better. Then you will be less hungry to the main meals.
6. The food that most fattens is that of dinner so a light dinner is recommended, but avoid fruits as they digest very slowly.
7. Sleep well and at least 8 hours a day.
8. Eat a variety of healthy food.

9. During the day if you want to dock the fridge, instead of eating some dish like some fruits that get less fat.

10. Try to take green tea throughout the day, it is an antioxidant and accelerates metabolism which means that it will help you lose weight more quickly.

11. Exercise, running is good for all areas. But if for example you look good but you have horrible cartridge belts, do specific exercises for that area.

12. If you are one of the people who likes industrial pastries and jellybeans and looking for any excuse to eat them, follow this trick.
Every time you eat one of the previous foods you will have to enter 50 cents in a piggy bank, for what your brain will assume that eating this will cost you a lot of money. After the accumulated money you can give it to someone who needs it or pay something necessary. You will not get anything if you do it to give yourself a treat later./p>

13. Do not believe in the miracle diets, we already saw it in THE TRAP OF SLIMMING 5 KILOS IN A WEEK.

14. Try not to eat too much outside, since normally you do not usually find a lot of healthy food outside the home.

15. If you are going to fry for example chicken breasts instead of putting the splash of oil, put it with a brush or a bottle that has spray, will put much less and your health will thank you.

16. If you look in the mirror and take out a mucus, you probably will not like it and you will stop doing it. Well with the same food, if you put a mirror in front of you when you're eating, you can eat up to 30% less.

What do you think of these slimming tips ?>? Would you add any more?