What the polka dots say about you

Hello girls!
I'm sure you have a curious mole and you do not know what it means but that's history today. I'm going to tell what the polka dots say about you .
what the polka dots say about you
- If you have a mole around the mouth , it means sensuality, lust and passion. They always fight for the best conditions.
- In the neck , it means fortune.
- On the nose , (like mine, my sister always thinks it's a black dot and almost ripped off my nose jumm) who will be a person with successful relationships in love.
- In the elbow , people who love travel.
- In the groin , portends bad health.
- Buttocks , a person who is not at all ambitious.
- Navel , in men indicates good luck, in women desire to have many children.
- Cheek , means you are a serious and studious person.
- Back , are people who always They will try to gather everything before starting a business.
Senos : if it is in the right indicates that they are people who can destroy their own happiness if it is in the left is a very active and energetic person.
- Legs : means that in our first years of life we ​​will have many difficulties but they will all expire.
- In the ear , is not usually very common although I am one of the lucky ones to have a mole on the ear thank goodness that looks little! it means that I found riches (I hope so haha)
And do you have many moles? Kisses